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Unique Products 2019

DJO’s mission is to provide you with the most technologically advanced, innovative products in the market to ensure your practice stands out from the crowd. Right now you can SAVE 15% when any 4 or more Unique Products are purchased from this page. Use Promo code: UNIQUE19 at checkout for discount to apply. Don't forget the 4 items must be separate SKUs to apply *terms and conditions

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    Donjoy Premium Underfix Tape
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    DonJoy Stabilising Speed Pro Ankle Brace
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    Exos Short Arm Fracture Brace - Open Thumb
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    Aircast AirSelect Short Walking Boot
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    Donjoy Immostrap Back Brace
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    Aircast AirSelect Standard
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    DonJoy X-Act ROM Knee
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    DonJoy Reaction Knee Brace
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    Exos Short Arm Fracture Brace
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    Exos Wrist Undersleeve
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    Exos Long Thumb Spica ll
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    Procare MiniTrax Paediatric Walker
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    Exos Pediatric Short Arm Fracture Brace
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    Exos Short Thumb Spica ll Brace
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    Exos Wrist Brace with BOA
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    DonJoy Performance TriZone Knee Support
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    Exos Rhiza Thumb and Finger Brace
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    DonJoy OA Reaction Web Knee Brace
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    Aircast AirSport+
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    DonJoy Performance POD Ankle Support Brace
  21. View Details DonJoy Playmaker Xpert
    DonJoy Playmaker Xpert
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    Aircast AirSelect Elite
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    Exos Boxer's Fracture Brace
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    Exos Hand Based Ulnar Gutter Brace
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    DonJoy Drytex Playmaker II Knee Brace
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    Exos Extended Short Thumb Spica Brace
  27. View Details Exos Locking Ring Version 2
    Exos Locking Ring Version 2

Items 1-30 of 71

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