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Storz Masterpuls One RPW Shockwave

The Storz Masterpuls ® ONE RPW Shockwave is ideal for use as a compact and flexible radial pressure wave shockwave starter model for the treatment of all standard indications.

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  • Radial Handpiece >>SPARROW<< Grey 
  • D20-S MASTERPULS transmitter
  • 250ml Coupling Gel
  • Handpiece Tube Set x 3
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Wrench x 1 
  • Allen Key x 1

The MASTERPULS® ONE is ideal for use as a compact and flexible radial pressure wave shockwave starter model for the treatment of all standard indications.

  • Ideal starter model or add-on 
  • Easy to use and versatile in the application 
  • Best »shock wave therapy companion«, even outside the therapist’s office 
  • Dimensions: 289 x 238 x 310 mm
  • Weight: 9.8 kg 
  • 6 energy levels: 6 – 18 Hz / max. 2.7 bar 

The newly developed SPARROWTM radial handpiece is minimalist design at its best. Excellent damping during pressure wave generation reduces handpiece vibrations. As a result, the MASTERPULS® ONE is approved for operation far longer than a working day, longer than many other radial pressure wave systems available today. Thanks to its light-weight design and ergonomic shape, the SPARROWTM handpiece ensures effortless handling and treatment. The handpiece can be serviced directly by the user, which saves costs.

  • Energy input over large tissue areas 
  • Light-weight design and minimal vibrations 
  • Effortless treatment 
  • Snap-in connection 
  • Reliable and cost-effective

The treatment result is decisively determined by the quality and efficiency of pressure wave transmission based on the specific disorder to be treated. In addition to the D20-S transmitter delivered with the SPARROWTM handpiece, other optional transmitters are available: R15, C15, DI15 and D20-T. They are ideal for the treatment of all typical pressure wave indications such as tendinopathy, heel and shoulder pain, myofascial trigger points or fascia treatment.

Typical indications:

  • Achillodynia 
  • Calcific tendinitis 
  • Lateral/medial epicondylitis 
  • Plantar fasciitis 
  • Patellar tendinitis 
  • Tibial stress syndrome
  • Trochanteric tendinopathy 
  • Trigger points: cervical syndrome
  • Trigger points: dorsalgia 
  • Trigger points: forearm muscles 
  • Trigger points: lumbago 
  • Trigger points: shortened calf muscles 
  • Trigger points: thigh adductors
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