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Exos Long Thumb Spica ll

Adjustable thumb strap that provides better immobilization
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The Long Thumb Spica II provides stabilization to the thumb in adduction, metacarpalphalangeal (MCP) joint,  carpometacarpal (CMC) joints, distal radius, distal ulna and conditions where immobilization of the wrist in the sagittal and frontal plane is required.  The LTS II may be used preoperative, postoperative, post-traumatic as well as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS).

Features & Benefits :

  • The ability to thermoform and custom fit the Brace to the patient's extremity ensures a comfortable fit.
  • Increased forearm length to provide better immobilization which allows for more indications
  • A Velcro Release tab has been added to allow brace to open more fully for easier application
  • Designed to improve comfort and function of the thumb
  • The adjustable thumb circumference accommodates a variety of thumb sizes
  • Has an adjustable thumb strap that provides better immobilization
  • The ability to thermoform and custom fit the Brace to the patient's extremity ensures a comfortable fit

A Great Alternative to Conventional Casting!

Exos is the only bracing system offering you and your patients a removable, adjustable, reformable and waterproof solution for the treatment of fractures and other injuries requiring stabilisation.

The Exos brace is completely reformable, allowing:

  • Modification to accommodate anatomical changes as healing progresses.
  • Serial changes of position.
  • One brace throughout duration of treatment.
  • Less material waste.

Although the Exos brace is custom fit to your patient, it can be easily removed, allowing:

  • Examination of the fracture site.
  • Examination of a wound or incision.
  • Assessment of muscle atrophy.
  • The ability to initiate rehabilitation therapy earlier in the healing process.
  • Skin and brace cleaning.
  • Sawless removal.

Exos uses the exclusive BOA reel and lace dynamic closure system, allowing:

  • Expansion to allow for initial swelling and to reduce the risk of Compartment Syndrome.
  • Tension modification for custom fit despite atrophy or changes in soft tissue.
  • Improved patient comfort and fit.
Size Circumference
XXS 16.5-18.5cm 6.5" - < 7.25"
XS 18.5-20cm 7.25" - < 8"
S 20-23cm 8" - < 9"
M 23-25.5cm 9" - < 10"
L 25.5-28cm 10" - < 11"
XL >28cm 11"

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