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Chattanooga Compex Pro - Wireless 2 CH Standard

Developed for Physiotherapists and Rehab Clinics requesting a standard wireless option of electro stimulation.
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Compex Pro – WIRELESS 2 CH STANDARD is a wireless 2 channel stimulator developed for Physiotherapists and Rehab Clinics requesting a standard (TENS/NMES) wireless option of electro stimulation. Delivered with 2 modules, 1 remote and a basic docking station, it allows managing standard pain, vascular disease and muscle stimulation and fits to the main requirements of professionals looking for simplified electrotherapy devices. Standard programme configuration – 2CH.

Features For Wireless 2 CH, 4 CH Standard & 4CH Full

Wireless Technology
Remove constraints for you and your patient. Gives your patient a total freedom of movement facilitating patient manipulations and allowing you to combine active exercise with electro stimulation for a better result.

Multi-Sessions Concept
Offered by Compex Pro - Wireless 4CH STD and FULL only, the devices are delivered with 4 modules, 2 remotes and a smart docking station allowing to synchronize modules and remotes to independently manage several sessions simultaneously. Additional remotes/modules in option.

Remote Control
Design adapted to professional use with a silicon keypad which acts as a safeguard against water and gel penetration, and offers better ergonomic conditions in terms of keyboard use and buttons.

  • Muscle Intelligence Technology4 functions are available on every module.
  • Mi-Scan – customize the stimulation according to the physiology for a better comfort and efficiency
  • Mi-Tens – work efficiently just behind the threshold for TENS programme
  • Mi-Range – work efficiently in the range of intensity required for low frequency programmes
  • Mi-Action – Active session with a voluntary contraction detected by the device to start stimulation

Trigger Function
Starts voluntary working phase when requested in protocols (Hemiplegic foot, spasticity…)

+ TENS Function
Select one programme and add TENS on other channels. This allows treatment of two different body parts, two patients at the same time or combines TENS and NMES when this kind of stimulation is required.

Manages the session time and moves directly in the next phase (recovery) when needed.

Motor Point Pen
Included in the sets. This very useful tool in combination with the dedicated programme helps ensuring the optimal electrode placement.

Pause Mode
Pauses the ongoing stimulation when electrodes need to be repositioned.

Create your patient and history list, create customized stimulation programmes.

Warranty is 3 years from date of purchase.

Technical Specifications

  • Channels: Four independent and individually adjustable channels
  • Pulse shape: Constant rectangular current with pulse compensation
  • Maximum pulse intensity: 120 mA.
  • Pulse intensity increments: Manual adjustment of stimulation intensity from 0 to 999 (energy) in minimum increments of 0.25 mA.
  • Pulse width: 30 to 400 μs. Maximum electrical charge
  • per pulse: 96 micro coulombs (2 × 48 μC, compensated)
  • Standard pulse ramp-up time: 3 μs (20 %-80 % of max. current)
  • Pulse frequency: 1 to 150 Hz.
  • Pulse frequency: 100 Hz
  • Dimensions: Remote control: 105 x 66 x 19 mm
  • Module: 55 x 16 mm
  • Docking station: 188 x 134 x 80 mm
  • Weight: Remote control: 116 g incl. battery
  • Module: 62 g incl. battery
  • Docking station 2CH: 650g
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