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Artromot - SP3

Artromot - SP3 is the new dimension in ankle CPM therapy!
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Artromot-SP3 for the ankle joint. The new dimension in ankle CPM therapy!

Artromot-SP3 offers anatomically correct motions (PNF pattern). Using the Artromot-SP3 is made easy by intuitive operation of the handheld programming unit with self-explanatory symbols. Artromot-SP3 optimizes ease-of-use and hygiene through easy mechanical settings and easy to disinfect leg support and footrest..

Indication :

  • Arthrotomy and arthroscopy procedures in combination with synovectomy, arthrolysis
  • Surgical treatment of fractures and pseudoarthrosis
  • Exercise-stable osteosynthesis
  • Operations on soft tissue in the joint area
  • Reconstructive ligament and tendon surgery
  • Operations on cartilage lesions
  • Achilles tendon reconstruction


Range of Motion

Plantar flexion / Dorsal extension 50° / 0° / 40°

Inversion / Eversion 40° / 0° / 20°

ARTROMOT-SP3 Standard - Features

Timer: 1 - 59 minutes / 1 - 24 hours / continuous operation
Pauses: 0 - 59 seconds
Speed: 5 % - 100 %
Reverse on load in Steps (motor A and B separately): 1 - 25 / patient safety feature
Motor control: ON/OFF for isolated motion of motor A and B, plantar flexion/dorsal extension or inversion/eversion
Synchronized motors: ON = PNF-like motion pattern / OFF = Randomised, asynchronised motion
Total therapy time: Added sum of the therapy sessions
New patient: Activates the default settings for new patients
Transport setting: Moves the motors into the transport position
Patient chip card (Optional): Stores patient-specifc therapy parameters
Key lock function: Prevents accidental changes of the parameter settings
Service menu

ARTROMOT-SP3 Comfort - Additional features

Stretching modes: For gradual and smooth increase of the range of motion
Therapy documentation: Graphic presentation of the overall treatment cycle
Warm-up protocol: Gradual progression to the maximum range of motion
ISO protocol: For separate exercising in both directions

Weight 11 kg (24.4 Ib)
Dimensions 78x42x39.5cm
Suitable for height Approx. 120 – 210 cm
Max.permanent load on carriage 20 kg
Max. patient weight 200 kg
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