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Artromot™ -F for PIP, DIP, MP-joints including the thumb joints Maximum range of motion and mobility for the finger joints


  1. Anatomically correct movements
  2. Comfortable softgoods
  3. Durable mechanics and electronics
  4. Full range of motion for flexion/extension, ulnar/radial deviation or a combination of both
  5. Light weight and comfortable softgoods make the device easy to wear for extended periods of time


  1. Hand-held programming unit for easy use and control of all treatment parameters
  2. Fast adjustment to patient’s hand
  3. Easy-to-covert technique for the treatment of right or left hand as well as for the thumb
  4. MP Block (Intrinsic Minus Position)
  5. Battery operated and light weight device for flexible use
  6. Minimal joint compression


Immediate post-operative management after the following where indicated.

  • Capsulotomy, arthrolysis and tenolysis for post-traumatic stiffness of MP and PIP joints
  • Flexor and extensor tendon tenolysis
  • Open reduction and rigid internal fixation of intra-articular, diaphyseal and metaphyseal fracture of the phalanges and metacarpals
  • Dupytren´s Contracture Release
  • Reflex Sympathy Dystrophy (RSD)
  • Hand or digit reattachment
  • Flexor and extensor tendon synovectomies, following arthrotomy and drainage of acute septic arthritis
  • Prosthetic replacement of MP and PIP joints
  • Stable fractures
  • Burn injuries
  • Crush injuries of hand without fractures or dislocations



Range of motion (ROM)

  • Extension/Flexion MP 0° - 90°
  • Extension/Flexion PIP 0° - 110°
  • Extension/Flexion DIP 0° - 70°


  • Pauses 0 - 30 sec
  • Speed 1 - 4
  • Warm up program 1
  • Reverse-on-load 1 - 5
  • Lock out


  • Actuator (with softgoods) 0,66 kg ( 1.451lbs.)
  • Hand-held programming unit 0,2 kg (0,45 lbs.)
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