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The Newest Innovation for Rehab Technology…


Welcome to the next generation in Rehabilitation and Sports Conditioning, now available right here in ANZ!

By placing a person in an unstable environment, the body is forced to react to create stability. This is the underlying philosophy behind the new Chattanooga Huber® 360. It can accommodate for any individual and is clinically programmed to suit the goals and aims of your patients.

With over 800 units currently in use, this new technology has been adopted by many Rehab Professionals and High Performance Sports Facilities around the globe (FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence, Mouratoglou Tennis Academy, French Rugby Union just to name a few).  Help your patients recover faster, move quicker, become stronger and take the guess work out of rehabilitation….

Increase Patient Adherence to Rehab

Using a Multiaxis Motorized Platform with Biofeedback Force Sensors the Chattanooga HUBER® 360 performs a thorough assessment of each patient using objective measures to gauge their progress, not just in types of movement but also the quality and strength.

The patient then follows the in-built training protocols to improve areas where they are functionally deficient. The HUBER 360 is NOT a vibration platform!

Patients participate in a ‘posture and coordination game’ that engages both physical and cognitive skills, while making it fun and interactive.

With a wide range of functional uses including posture, core, balance, and falls prevention testing, along with movement limitations and strength, this technology is changing the way clinicians are working with their patients.

There are specific rehab exercise programs for ACL patients, ankle injury patients, patients with neuromuscular conditions and many more. You can also run programs designed by exercise and rehab professionals for specific objectives.

Examples of HUBER 360 applications:

  • Pre and Post Orthopaedic Surgery
  • High Performance in Sport
  • Sports Injury Prevention & Rehab
  • Falls Prevention

Finance options are available, please contact us here

“HUBER® has become an essential part of my physical conditioning. The training is fun and precise thanks to the real-time feedback. I am getting faster while expending less energy, clearly thanks to the core strength I’ve built up on the device.” – Frédérick Bousquet, Olympic Medalist, Swimming

“We’re lucky to have access to the HUBER® Technology. Since we got one at the training center, I’ve been using it a lot! Rehabilitation, muscular strengthening, stretching…What’s really impressive about this device is the way the user is put into context, the way they relearn athletics movement, which allows us to work in a way that really mimics the conditions of the match.” – Sébastien Davidovici, Stade Français Rugby Team Masseur and Physiotherapist.