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Everyday Consumables For Your Practice


DJO Global offers a wide range of Practice Consumable products, such as Spikey Balls, Tape, Foam Rollers, Cando Bands. Read more about our range below!

DonJoy Premium Rigid Strapping Tape
DJO Premium Rigid Tape is manufactured to the highest standards by one of the world’s most experienced Sports Tape manufacturers’. Superior Zinc Oxide Adhesive, strong tensile fabric with easy hand tear pinked edges ensure you can tape your patients with confidence. We stock a full range of Flesh coloured rolls of 3.8cm and 5cm width in the traditional 13.7m length.

DonJoy Premium Underfix Tape
DJO Premium Underfix Tape is your quality, value for money alternative to market leading premium brands of non woven retention tapes. This white, non woven rentention tape uses hypo allergenic adhesive and can be worn for several days. Air and moisture permeable, it ensures patient compliance and maximum comfort. Sold in individual rolls of 10M in both 5cm and 10cm widths.

DonJoy Premium K-Tape
DJO is proud to introduce our new range of Kinesiology Tape to our product portfolio. An elasticised adhesive tape that provides light, comfortable, conformable support for a wide range of therapeutic applications without unnecessarily restricting range of movement. The low allergy adhesive properties of this tape allow wear for up to 5 days comfortably. Made from a soft cotton material with a hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive, the tape is heat activated, which unlike rigid taping gives you time to ensure correct application before it really bonds to the skin. K-Tape is easy to remove and will quickly dry out after showering or water-based activities.

Spikey Balls
The Spikey Massage Ball is often used to improve blood flow and reduce muscle tension by targeting trigger points. Spikey Balls can reduce pain levels and improve range of motion through specific muscles and subsequently improve joint motion. They are used to treat complaints such as sports injuries and posture problems.

CanDo Exercise Band Loops
Convenient pre-formed CanDo® resistive exercise loop is made of high quality latex exercise band. Loops arrive ready-to-use, you do not have to cut and tie it before performing exercises! Various sizes and resistances are available. Each loop is 7.6cm (3″) wide.

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