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Embrace the Re-Form with EXOS Technology


What is EXOS?

Exos is the leading casting and splinting system offering patients a removable, adjustable, reformable and waterproof solution for the treatment of fractures and other injuries requiring stabilization. Exos braces are molded directly to the anatomy for the best possible fit and comfort.

Upper Limb
Exos originally made waves in the orthopaedic market by developing a simple heat mouldable substitute for waterproof casting. The use of the Boa closure system (seen on everything from adjustable pillows to golf shoes) gives the ability to alter the circumference to customise the fit with changes to swelling or with atrophy.

The Oven..
Exos is dry heat activated in the Exos Oven and is then moulded directly onto the patient in the required position. It is pre-padded and can be remoulded as many times as is required. The Boa System means it can be removed without a cast saw making it great for kids.

Injury Specific Solutions
As well as braces for Colles’ and Scaphoid fractures, there are injury specific versions including Boxers Fracture braces and Radial Gutter braces. There are hand based splints for metacarpal injuries that are great for clinicians who previously only used thermoplastic infrequently and found the task time consuming.

The lack of set up and clean up makes the Exos Upper Limb range great for practices offering a ‘walk in’ casting service for local GPs.

Features & Benefits

Although the Exos brace is custom fit to your patient, it can be easily removed.

It’s See Through & Lightweight
Allowing X-rays to be taken without the removal of the brace.

It’s Original!
Exos braces come in a selection of different colors and patterns.

It Takes to Water
The Exos brace is waterproof*.

It’s Easy to Clean
The Exos brace is designed for improved hygiene.

The Exos brace is completely reformable, allowing modification to accommodate anatomical changes as healing progresses.

Exos uses the exclusive BOA® reel and lace dynamic closure system, allowing expansion to allow for initial swelling and to reduce the risk of Compartment Syndrome.

*Limitations and precautions apply. See product instructions for use

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