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Correct Footwear Can Make A Difference


Were you aware that, 280 Australians develop diabetes every day? That’s one person every 5 minutes. With over one million people in Australia living with diabetes, and 500,000 living un-diagnosed, this is a condition we cannot ignore.

If you treat patients with diabetes, offering them the correct footwear is crucial. Dr. Comfort has carried out a study on the effects Therapeutic Footwear can have on people living with diabetes. Download our printable fact sheet to give to your patients.

Know What Footwear to Offer Your Patients?

Dr Comfort offers a wide range of diabetic footwear for both men and women living with diabetes.

An essential purpose of diabetic shoes is to achieve an accommodative proper fit to avoid movement of the foot inside the shoe. The proper fitting of diabetic shoes and inserts does this by achieving total contact with the bottom of the foot.

While the majority of people with diabetes could benefit from wearing diabetic shoes, it’s estimated that less than 7% of people living with diabetes currently wear quality diabetic footwear.

Properly fitted shoes, socks, inserts and compression wear are essential for reducing foot problems.

What Shoe Do We Recommend?

Dr. Comfort shoes are made from the finest leathers and are scientifically designed for various foot complications. Our footwear is extra depth with patented footbeds that can alleviate pressure on swollen feet, bunions, hammer toes for a more comfortable fit.

Brian/Annie (Men/Women Styles)

  • It has an upper made of Lycra® to fit patients with oedema, diabetes, hammer toes, bunions, and other similar forefoot deformities.
  • Lycra® is a stretchable material comprised of fibres which move easily with the body’s natural movements.  In turn, this upper can make the shoe feel roomy.
  • If you feel this shoe is too loose, order the Brian one width narrower to achieve a better fit.

Victory Plus/ Endurance Plus (Men/Woman Styles)

  • Won’t cause heel slippage because they are lasted to fit full in the forefoot but snug in the heel.
  • The firm heel counter ensures that the back of the shoe will not breakdown.
  • They are supplied with a mesh upper that allows for stretch during the day if oedema develops.
  • As with the men’s athletic shoes, the lightweight EVA and rubber outsole contains a composite shank and a stabilizer bar for extra plantar support and is sufficiently wide to provide stability on all surfaces.

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