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DJO is now Enovis


We are excited to begin our journey to rebrand as Enovis, an innovation-driven medical technology company that fuels active lifestyles.

Our new name, Enovis, is founded from innovation, vision and a culture of continuous improvement. It reflects our overarching mission of delivering clinically differentiated solutions that generate measurably better outcomes, with an unwavering vision of transforming care for the patients you treat.

Our History

Enovis recently celebrated 21 years in Australia and New Zealand in 2021. From our first office in 2000 in the suburbs of Sydney with only a handful of staff, Enovis ANZ has grown into a team that extends from the west coast of Australia to the east coat of New Zealand.

Enovis origins go back further than 20 years and have many beginnings with each brand, but from each starting point similar tales are revealed: histories of passionate entrepreneurs with a great vision who, together with their teams and with innovative products, transformed their small start-up companies into worldwide renowned companies.

When each of these remarkable stories came together, the heart and soul of Enovis was combined into one unifying mission: to help people maintain and regain the joy of natural mobility. Today, with an unparalleled collection of world-leading brands and an unrivalled passion for improvement and innovation, we have earned the respect of healthcare professionals, patients and other users alike.

In 2022 under the name of Enovis, a newly listed public company on the NYSE, we continue to serve our commitment to you by providing best-in-class products and technologies to the market with a concentrated focus on our customers’ needs. The products and brands, backed by our clinically trained experts, will continue to support rehabilitation, recovery and injury prevention into the future.

Our Brands

As a leading global provider of medical technologies, our products are designed to get and keep people moving by addressing the continuum of patient care. From injury prevention to surgical intervention to rehabilitation, our innovative solutions are used by orthopedic surgeons, primary care physicians, pain management specialists, physical therapists, podiatrists, chiropractors, athletic trainers as well as patients and athletes around the world! Our extensive range of products are marketed under a portfolio of well-known brands including Aircast®, Chattanooga® , CMF™, Compex®, DonJoy®, ProCare®, Enovis Surgical® , Dr. Comfort® and Exos®.